Baltimore Protests Following the Death of Freddie Gray

Baltimore has seen a number of protests following the death of Freddie Gray, 25, who died on April 19th, a week after his spine was 80% severed and his voice box crushed while in police custody. While there have been numerous demonstrations throughout the week with protestors expressing their anger at yet another police killing of an unarmed […]

Studies Confirm the Dehumanization of Black Children and the ‘Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline’

Although African-Americans constitute only 13 percent of all Americans, nearly half of all prison inmates in the U.S. are black. This startling statistic has led the United Nations Human Rights Committee to publicly criticize the U.S. for its treatment of African-Americans. A number of recent studies and reports paint a damning picture of how American society dehumanizes blacks starting from […]

DC Jobs with Justice | #Fightfor15

A message from Jobs with Justice BIG NEWS: Tens of thousands of working people are striking in hundreds of cities on April 15. And we’re standing with them.For far too long, we’ve allowed profitable corporations to ignore the basic well-being and needs of everyday Americans. Tomorrow, men and women – fast food clerks, Walmart associates, […]

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Begin 9-Day March From NYC To DC

An excerpt — A march from New York City to Washington, D.C., to protest police brutality started Monday morning in Staten Island — the borough where Eric Garner died last summer after being put into a chokehold by a New York police officer. About 100 protesters gathered at the foot of the Outerbridge Crossing in […]

Low Wages Cost U.S. Taxpayers $153 Billion A Year

An excerpt –When thousands of low-wage workers across the country protest low pay on Wednesday, they won’t only be fighting for the millions of workers who flip our burgers, stock our grocery shelves and take care of our kids. They’ll be fighting for a monumental shift in the American economy that could save taxpayers billions of dollars. […]

The New York Foundation: Stories from Black Organizers

 Last summer the New York Foundation marked the 50th anniversary of the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act with a look at the future. Hill-Snowdon’s Executive Director, Nat Williams, participated as one in a series of interviews with Program Director, Kevin Ryan, sharing his thoughts on building a stronger Black organizing structure, his introduction to organizing, […]

ABFE Makes Call for Black Organizing

A message from, Susan Taylor Batten, President & CEO, of ABFE: During the month of November, we celebrate the founding of ABFE; our articles of incorporation were signed on the 17th day of this month in 1971. I am reminiscent of the stories told to me by the steadfast leaders that organized to start the […]