Same-sex marriage bill in DC appears unstoppable

“…A bill that would allow same-sex couples to marry in the nation’s capital was introduced Tuesday, a measure that even opponents acknowledged seems almost unstoppable.The bill was nearly certain to pass the D.C. city council, but whether it becomes law is more complicated because Congress gets an opportunity to review D.C. legislation before it takes […]

D.C. Students Skip Classes to Protest Teacher Layoffs

” About 200 D.C. high school students skipped classes Monday morning to march on the offices of Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee and protest last week’s teacher layoffs. The protest — which began at McKinley Technology High School, one of the hardest hit — came amid lingering questions about how Rhee determined which teachers to lay […]

More lawmakers tackle rise of wage-theft complaints

Agustin Gonzalez became a casualty of the real-estate bust in 2007 when he lost his construction job in theFlorida Keys. Since then, he says, he has become another kind of casualty: a victim of wage theft. Gonzalez now works as a day laborer in theMiamiarea, waiting on street corners or in front of Home Depot […]

Primary Health Care and Language Access in the District

The DC Language Access Coalition (DCLAC) studied the experiences of English language learning (ELL) seeking essential medical services in theDistrict of Columbia.  Initial findings from surveys and patient interviews note some efforts by primary care providers toward effective communication with ELL individuals, but an overall inadequate language service provision and subsequent barrier to primary health […]

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Grant Makers Should Take Risks to Build a Better Society

To the Editor: The current U.S.economic recession continues to wreak havoc on the economy, jobs, and livelihoods. All of us in the nonprofit world have been severely impacted. Many foundations have seen their assets decline by 30 percent or more since the crisis began. As individuals, corporations, and foundations give less, nonprofit groups are preparing […]

Wisconsin Becomes 11th State to Offer In State Tuition Rates to Undocumented Students

  “I have always wanted to go to the University of Wisconsin- Madison, and I have the grades to get in, but with no access to loans I could not afford to pay the out of state rates to attend. With in state tuition rates, I can finally make it. It’s overwhelming, I feel like […]

TIRRC Earns National Award for Exceptional Immigrant Integration Initiatives

“Washington – The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) on Wednesday announced the four winners of its inaugural E Pluribus Unum national awards for exceptional immigrant integration initiatives, with an innovative Tennessee-based public education and communications campaign receiving a $50,000 prize. The E Pluribus Unum Prizes program, established by MPI’s National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy with […]