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MOA for WIN!

BIG CONGRATS TO THE JOBS TEAM!!!! Washington Interfaith Network has been organizing to make sure that the $3 billion + DC Water Clean Rivers project addresses stormwater pollution, greens our communities and CREATES LOCAL JOBS FOR DC’S UNEMPLOYED RESIDENTS.

Join them on May 20th as they celebrate a great victory when DC Waters’ George Hawkins, DC Mayor Bowser, and the EPA sign a Memorandum of Agreement to allow for an investment $90 million in green infrastructure (rain gardens, green roofs, etc).  The green approach will create more jobs than a strictly gray approach (only builds enormous storm tunnels).  The MOA also includes a jobs agreement alongside the environmental standards that mandates local hiring, worker training, recruitment and more.    The modified agreement will be one of the first in the country to include jobs goals alongside environmental goals.  

It is short notice – but….

WHEN:  Wed May 20th 9:30 am  (they are still firming up the EPA folks schedule so not 100% sure on time)

WHERE: Fort Reno Green Roof – Near Wilson High School/ Near Tenley Town Metro