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Philanthropy’s Promise

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In 2011, the Hill-Snowdon Foundation signed onto the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) initiative, Philanthropy’s Promise.

Philanthropy’s Promise celebrates foundations that intentionally:

  • target the bulk of their grant dollars to benefit under-served communities, and
  • invest substantially in advocacy, community organizing and civic engagement to address the root causes of social problems and promote equity, opportunity and justice.

Joining the Hill-Snowdon Foundation in the promise, are over 100 other foundations, representing a diverse group of funders. A full list of participating foundations can be found here.

Participating grantmakers voluntarily offer public statements affirming and explaining their commitment to these two high impact strategies at the center of the initiative:


Hill Snowdon Foundation’s Pledge and Commitment to Social Justice Grantmaking

For the majority of its fifty year existence, the Hill Snowdon Foundation operated as a typical
informal family foundation, making grants in support of a variety of issues with a focus on social
services as a strategy.  As the assets of the Foundation increased, the trustees wanted to be
more strategic in their grantmaking in order to have a greater impact.  Through an intensive
process of consultation, research and experiential learning, the trustees adopted a social justice
frame for its grantmaking, with community organizing as the core strategy.

The Board firmly believes that community organizing is the most cost effective and strategic
means to create the necessary changes in low‐income and marginalized communities.
Accordingly, our revised mission is to work with low‐income families and communities to create a fair
and just society by helping them develop the capacity and leadership skills necessary to influence the
decisions that shape their lives.  We believe that it is essential for people to proactively define the type of
society in which they want to live and then work collectively to achieve this vision.  HSF seeks to
accomplish this mission by providing grants to organizations that work directly to build the power of low‐
income families; leveraging our and others’ resources; and promoting opportunities for learning and

Read full pledge here.

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