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HSF staff devote at least half of our time to collaborating with our funding colleagues to advance our specific programmatic work and to strengthen the social justice field overall. Over the next three years, HSF will help lead two funder affinity groups that help to advance our work to increase social justice grantmaking in the South (i.e., Grantmakers for Southern Progress) and raise awareness about economic justice issues (i.e., Working Group on Community and Labor Partnerships). Additionally, we will provide leadership in other key funder groups including the Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing, the Social Justice Infrastructure Funders Group, Neighborhood Funders Group and Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees.


Funder Partners & Affinity Groups

Grantmakers for Southern Progress (formerly SOWG)
HSF’s involvement with GSP merges our grantmaking with our leveraging work in that we have begun to make an annual general support grant to GSP, and GSP has become one of our most intensive leveraging investments in terms of time and strategic relevance. Beyond this, HSF is committed to supporting the spread of social justice work in the South because:

    • Low income families and communities in the South face some of the most severe conditions and barriers to opportunity and well-being in the country.
    • The South has always been an important region in the struggle for a more equitable and just society. Nevertheless, social justice funders have tended to under-invest in the area, leaving the region less able to engage in campaigns to improve the lives of low income families and communities in the region and beyond.
    • Our current strategic plan will have the majority of our grantmaking directed at the South within three years. Given this, it is in our programmatic interests to leverage other resources for social justice organizing in the South.
    • If we can help stimulate more support for social justice work in the region, it can have a major impact on the prospects for greater equity and fairness for low income families and communities in the South and also have an impact nationally down the road.

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Working Group on Labor & Community Partnerships (WGLCP)
The WGLCP is an active working group under the Neighborhood Funders Group. HSF’s Economic Justice Program Officer has been an active member since 2006 and is currently the co-Chair of the WGLCP, until the end of 2012. HSF typically awards a Partnership Grant of around $5,000 annually to support the WGCLP’s efforts. Participating actively in the WGLCP helps advance HSF’s grantmaking objectives because it is the primary space for economic justice funders at this time where HSF staff can learn about trends and opportunities in the field and influence our peers. There are also strong partnerships and overlapping memberships with the other affinity groups that HSF is active in which helps to reinforce relationships and opportunities for collaboration.
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Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing (FCYO)
FCYO’s mission is to cultivate resources for young people taking action to build healthy and equitable communities. HSF is a long time supporter, and HSF’s Executive Director was a founding member of FCYO and still serves as a Board member. FCYO has been instrumental in partnering with HSF to advance our mutual interests in advancing and strengthening the Youth Organizing field. Most recently, FCYO has partnered with HSF to promote a framework for a social justice leadership pipeline, grounded in youth organizing and multi-generational organizing as a key strategy in social justice organizing and power building.
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Social Justice Infrastructure Funders (SJIF)
SJIF is a group of like-minded, value-driven philanthropic professionals from diverse national foundations who develop research, theory & strategy to address gaps in Social Justice infrastructure in the US. HSF staff have been active members since 2004 and on the steering committee since 2010. SJIF meets about 3 times/year and HSF generally makes a grant of about $3-5,000 annually. Staff has gone on joint site visits w/SJIF members to New Orleans, Florida and Georgia. SJIF gives HSF staff the opportunity to develop close relationships with other social justice funders cross-sectorally and exposes HSF staff to important social justice thinkers and organizers. It’s also a space to raise awareness about our work, discuss questions and highlight our groups. Our goals with SJIF are to learn and develop joint analysis of social justice movement; identify opportunities and gaps in funding; highlight work of our partners and needs of social justice movement in South; and help strengthen and expand SJIF so it can better support social justice movement.
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Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants & Refugees (GCIR)
GCIR’s mission is to influence the philanthropic field to advance the contributions and address the needs of the country’s growing and increasingly diverse immigrant and refugee populations. HSF’s Economic Justice Program Officer has been an active member since 1998 and was a board member until 2005. She is currently on the conference planning committee and will be co-moderating a funder roundtable in 2012. GCIR is a primary source of information on issues relating to immigration, especially around integration, policy reform and cross community alliance building. HSF’s goals with GCIR are to partner w/other SJ funders to promote closer integration between economic justice and immigration funding; and use GCIR as a forum to highlight importance of immigrant work in the South.
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