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Values to Vision to Action: The Hill-Snowdon Foundation Journey

Hill-Snowdon Foundation Commemorates Anniversary

To commemorate its 50th anniversary since its founding, 10th anniversary of its strategic grantmaking program, and 5th anniversary of becoming an independent, staffed family foundation, the Hill-Snowdon Foundation has documented its experiences in Values to Vision to Action: The Hill-Snowdon Foundation Journey.

It tells the story of one small family foundation’s transformation from charity check-writing around the kitchen table to an organization that is known nationally for leadership in the social justice arena. Hill-Snowdon Foundation is pleased to share its experiences and lessons learned throughout this transformation with the hope that they may be informative for other family foundations that want to know how to leverage their dollars for more impact, how to work with grantees as true partners, and how to maintain the family’s engagement while also practicing strategic grantmaking.

Click here to download a PDF copy or contact us to receive print copies of Values to Vision to Action: The Hill-Snowdon Foundation Journey.