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Making Black Lives Matter

Hill-Snowdon Foundation on Making Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement – grounded in the devastating history and current events of explicit and implicit racially motivated state violence against the Black community – has created an important opportunity to address racial justice in the US today. The movement has touched every aspect of our society with its unflinching call for justice, respect and opportunity for the Black community.

Nat Williams, Executive Director of the Hill-Snowdon Foundation, offers some thoughts on how the philanthropic and social justice community might make Black Lives Matter as an enduring political and social imperative in this country. In short, he believes that in order to make Black Lives Matter we need to significantly strengthen and build the infrastructure for Black-led institutional and political power, in order to dismantle the system of structural racism and provide real opportunities for the Black community to thrive. He offers this report as a contribution to the reflective dialogues and organizing that are taking place to make Black Lives Matter more and the foundation looks forward to partnering with those who are engaged in this essential work.

Click here to download a PDF copy or contact us to receive print copies of Making Black Lives Matter.