OUSD Board Unanimously Approves Internal Policy

Last night, [Black Organizing Project] students, parents and community members attended a school board meeting to speak out in support of a new policy that clearly limits and defines the role of Oakland school police when interacting with students. For nearly two years, [they] have been organizing and negotiating with the school district to develop […]

Vice President Joe Biden Visits Florida Avenue Grill

The restaurant’s owner, Imar Hutchins, told Biden and the crowd, “We’re here today because of ROC United. I’m raising wages because of what I’ve learned from ROC & Saru Jayaraman’s book, Behind the Kitchen Door.” As a High Road restaurant, Florida Avenue Grill already pays non-tipped staff at least $9/hour, offers paid sick days, and […]

New White House Report

The Impact of Raising the Minimum Wage on Women and the Importance of Ensuring a Robust Tipped Minimum Wage  “Most people who would get a raise if we raise the minimum wage are not teenagers on their first job – their average age is 35.  A majority of lower-wage jobs are held by women.  These […]

Youth Organize Across a Divided City

On Thursday DCAYA and 40 members of the WIN coalition had a successful mayoral forum with 650 residents mostly young voters! People texted voters from the action and took concrete commitments to engage 1500 voters face to face. They  also took quotas for GOTV phone banks and early voter actions.