Work in the South

The Georgia Citizens’ Coalition on Hunger is a statewide network of 75 organizations and about 1,000 individual members. Like many other groups, HSF began supporting the Coalition based on its welfare organizing activities, and similar to GRO and other groups from that era, the Coalition has evolved to focus on a number of other issues.  Its […]

Desire to Improve the Public School System

When the foundation first met FYRE Youth Squad in February 2007, we were extremely impressed by the authenticity and power of the youth and their true desire to improve the public school system in the midst of larger efforts to dismantle public education in New Orleans, post Hurricane Katrina. FYS and its main adult ally […]

Addressing Community Preservation

A few years ago, amidst the building boom in Brooklyn, FUREE noticed that many residents and businesses in their community were being displaced by increased rents and eminent domain seizures by development projects.  FUREE hired a researcher to begin investigating points of intervention and partnered with other local entities, such as Pratt Center for Community […]

Family Values at Work

9to5, National Association of Working Women recently released the “Family Values at Work” report with the MultiState Working Families Consortium in conjunction with: ACORN, AFL-CIO, A Better Balance, Center for Law and Social Policy, Moms Rising, The National Partnership for Women and Families, National Employment Law Project, Service Employees International Union, and Take Care Net. The report focuses on the issues around […]