Montgomery County Council Votes Unanimously for Earning Paid Sick Days!

We are proud to announce that two of our grantee partners, CASA de Maryland and Jews United for Justice were part of the coalition that helped bring about this law. A Message from the Community Foundation We are very pleased to share the news that this week The Montgomery County Council voted unanimously to pass legislation […]

MOA for WIN!

BIG CONGRATS TO THE JOBS TEAM!!!! Washington Interfaith Network has been organizing to make sure that the $3 billion + DC Water Clean Rivers project addresses stormwater pollution, greens our communities and CREATES LOCAL JOBS FOR DC’S UNEMPLOYED RESIDENTS. Join them on May 20th as they celebrate a great victory when DC Waters’ George Hawkins, DC Mayor Bowser, […]

Oakland to Halt School Suspensions for Willful Defiance

Mouthing off in class or failing to follow a teacher’s instructions will no longer lead to suspension in Oakland schools, a ban that will be phased in and be fully in effect just over a year from now, the school board unanimously decided Wednesday night. Oakland Unified will become one of a handful of California school districts […]

Baltimore Protests Following the Death of Freddie Gray

Baltimore has seen a number of protests following the death of Freddie Gray, 25, who died on April 19th, a week after his spine was 80% severed and his voice box crushed while in police custody. While there have been numerous demonstrations throughout the week with protestors expressing their anger at yet another police killing of an unarmed […]