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The Foundation has awarded hundreds of grants and we invite you to learn more about them here:

Search the database for recent grants by organizational name, location and/or another identifier.

A full list of our former partners can be viewed here.

Recent Board Discretionary and Employee Matching grants reflect individual decisions beyond the Foundation’s goals, and are not available through the database at this time. Over the years the Hill-Snowdon Foundation has supported several special initiatives as well.

Our individual grant lists can be downloaded here as well: HSF 2004 Grants List, HSF 2005 Grants List, HSF 2006 Grants List, HSF 2007 Grants List, HSF 2008 Grants List, HSF 2009 Grants List, HSF 2010 Grants List, HSF 2011 Grants List, HSF 2012 Grants List, HSF 2013 Grants List, HSF 2014 Grants List, and our HSF 2015 Grants List.

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