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Making Black Lives Matter: Initiative

Download the full Making Black Lives Matter Initiative

Strategic Co-Funding


In response to this unique moment and opportunity, the Hill-Snowdon Foundation has developed the Making Black Lives Matter Initiative (MBLM), a three year grantmaking and strategic co-funding initiative that seeks to maximize this historic moment to begin building long term institutional and political power for Black social change and racial justice.  The overall framework of the MBLM Initiative is to:

  • Win real policy change on police accountability and other issues that limit the ability for Black people to thrive and matter.
  • Build the long term Black-led institutional and political power to win on any issue, anywhere.
  • Re-capture the public discourse to legitimize the need for Black social change against structural racism.
  • Work with philanthropic partners and colleagues to develop an aligned and coordinated strategic co-funding regime to maximize our collective impact.


The desired outcomes of the MBLM Initiative are:

  • Actual policy wins that remove racialized barriers and produce concrete outcomes to enable Black communities and people to thrive across a spectrum of issues and places.
  • A dynamic, strong, connected and powerful Black-led and allied ecosystem for building power for the Black community
  • Notable progress in shifting the public discourse and prevailing narrative that de-legitimizes the need for Black social change and justice.