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Making Black Lives Matter: Grantmaking

Download the full Making Black Lives Matter Initiative

Strategic Co-Funding


The Making Black Lives Matter Initiative will make $900,000 in grants over the next three years in new grants to Black-led organizations building power in the Black community to make Black Lives Matter.  The primary purpose of the grants are to:

  • Build power to win policy change campaigns on the issue of police accountability and other intersecting issues (e.g., economic security, criminal justice reform, education, etc.) in:
    •  strategically significant places (e.g., places that are symbolically important (Ferguson; the South, etc);
    • places where there is a good opportunity to win; and
    • places where a win will have broader impact, etc.
      •  We are looking for reverberating success that can propel support and engagement in the work beyond a particular locale.
      • Strengthen the capacity of and pipeline for Black organizing and power building leadership.
  • Provide opportunities for consistent strategic coordination and convening through gatherings and networks.


Grants will be made to:

  • Black-led organizing groups
  • Black-led organizing and training intermediaries
  • Black-led coordinating and convening spaces/gatherings


We define Black-led organizing groups as groups that:

  • have a predominantly Black Board, executive leadership, staff leadership and membership/leadership base; and
  • the primary purpose of these groups is to work to build power with and for the Black community.


The reason why Black-led groups are emphasized is in order to facilitate the rebuilding of a Black social change leadership base and pipeline. This can best be achieved through supporting Black leaders in the process of leading organizations, campaigns and through providing supplemental leadership development support.  It is also important to work to reverse the historical trend of under-resourcing Black-led groups, particularly Black-led social change groups.


*At this time we do not accept unsolicited LOI’s and will be receiving proposals by invitation only. We strongly encourage organizations to reach out to us so that we may learn more about your work. All emails can be sent to Erin Morris at*