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Grantmakers for Southern Progress (formerly SOWG)

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Grantmakers for Southern Progress is an emerging network of funders who seek to leverage resources for social justice work in the South, increase the coordination among funders supporting social justice in the South and raise awareness about the critical role that social justice work in the South can play in resolving persistent regional and national challenges. The Working Group formed in early 2010 and in response to the release of the 2009 report Social Justice Organizing in the US South. Currently, the Working Group consists of a small coordinating committee of regional and national funders and about two dozen funders who have expressed interest in the group.

Their 3 primary goals are to:

  • Foster joint learning about social justice issues and work in the South among local, regional and national funders.
  • Leverage new resources for social justice work in the South.
  • Promote the strategic coordi┬Čnation of existing efforts for social justice work in the region.

Going forward in 2011, the Coordinating Committee has prioritized developing a paper, As the South Goes, that analyzes social justice funding in the South, including why foundations choose to fund and not to fund social justice work in the region; creating in person and virtual learning opportunities for Working Group members; and formalizing the Working Group in terms of membership and capacity/infrastructure.

For more information on the Working Group contact LaTosha Brown, GSP Project Director,