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Defending the Dream Fund: How to Apply

The Defending the Dream Fund is a one-year initiative for 2017 only.  We have allocated $150,000 for Defending the Dream Fund and will make grants up to $10,000 each.  We have recently wrapped up our first round of grants and will be doing a second round of grants later this year. Please note that while we had previously stated that the second round would be occurring from July 31st to September 1st, we have made the decision to move this until later  in the Fall. We encourage organizations to please check back here for further updates.

We will aim to review the requests and make grants within 5-7 weeks of each deadline.  To apply for the Defending the Dream Fund please click on the link below.  This is the only written application that you will have to submit. If your organization is selected for further consideration, we may schedule a brief phone call to ask additional questions.

You can download a set of the questions here for your convenience, so that you can preview them before you log onto complete the actual application.  Please click on the button below to be taken to the application.

*Please Note* In solidarity with the National Day of Action and Resistance, the Hill-Snowdon Foundation will close its office on May 1st, 2017 – May Day. The Majority is comprised of faith communities, unions, Movement for Black Lives, Mijente and other migrant rights organizations, climate justice groups, indigenous networks, and a spectrum of progressive allies that are coordinating efforts in over 100 cities on May 1st to stand up for justice and equity. Given our office closure and the work that will be happening on the ground on May 1st, we are extending the deadline for our Defending the Dream Fund from May 1st to May 3rd.

Defending the Dream Fund Application


Finally, we realize that we will only be able to support a fraction of the requests that we are likely to receive, so we plan to work with other philanthropic colleagues to share the requests we received with them in hopes that they might be able to provide support.  

Please email any questions to Erin Morris at Thank you for your work and your commitment to defending our shared dream of a fair, just, equitable and caring society.