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The Hill-Snowdon Foundation is committed to working with low income families and communities to create a fair and just society. HSF’s Board is deeply concerned with the growing gap between the rich and the poor, as well as the decreasing role and influence that regular people have in the daily practice of democracy in this country.

Fundamentally, we are interested in improving the concrete material conditions for low income families and communities such that they are thriving economically and also where these families and communities are more central actors in the decisions that impact their communities and the nation as a whole. We believe that the most sustainable way of achieving this is for low income families and communities to build the power necessary to move them from the political, economic and social margins of this society. Consequently, we have chosen community organizing as our core strategy because it has proven effective at securing concrete material improvements for low income families and communities by decreasing their social and political marginalization.

HSF has three grantmaking program areas that are all grounded in the practice of community organizing and social justice: Youth Organizing, Economic Justice Organizing and the Fund for DC. We also support a project that seeks to raise awareness of and leverage greater support for social justice work in the US South: the Grantmakers for Southern Progress (formerly SOWG).

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