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D.C. Needs Fair Schedules for Workers


Nikki Lewis, Executive Director, of DC Jobs with Justice, recently shared an Op-ed  on intriduing legislation for fair hours and scheduling policies for local retail and restaurant workers here in DC.

“A study [DC Jobs with Justice] jointly issued with the DC Fiscal Policy Institute and Georgetown University this year found that nearly half of the service sector employees surveyed right here in our city said they received their work schedules less than a week in advance.

[We]’ve heard so many real stories behind those numbers through the 500 District employees we surveyed: Child care is tough to schedule; you have to choose between working and attending class; holding down a second job to make ends meet isn’t possible; and you don’t know how much money you’ll take home at the end of the week because you don’t know how many hours you’ll actually work.

Our city will succeed when everyone in our community is given enough respect on the job to plan their life and care for their family. People deserve enough hours for a decent paycheck, as well as schedules that their family can depend on.

We wholeheartedly agree with Mayor Bowser on the urgency of creating pathways to the middle class for all D.C. residents. For that to become a reality, the 130,000 people working in our city’s service industries must be provided the hours and stability in order to work their way up.

Washington, D.C., has passed some of the strongest workplace laws in the country. We’ve been successful in boosting the minimum wage, and we led the charge for paid sick days. We can continue rewriting the rules to make the District a great place to live, work and sustain a family. But when it comes to work schedules, we must do better.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Title: This Labor Day, D.C. Needs Fair Schedules
By: Nikki Lewis
Source: Medium
Date: September 6, 2015