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Our Partners

We believe that all of our work begins with, rests on and is furthered by building strong and authentic relationships with our strategic partners (primarily grassroots organizing groups, related intermediaries and funders). We try to engage with our partners first on the level of values, vision and analysis and, then on strategy, capacity and outcomes. Direct, on-going and pro-active dialogue is key to our practice and growth. With our grassroots partners (we don’t use the term “grantees”), we recognize that the power dynamics between grassroots groups and foundations is a major barrier to developing authentic relationships.

However, we believe that if we ground these relationships in building a broader political vision together, then we can traverse many of these barriers. With our funder partners, we also look for opportunities to share, partner, learn and collaborate. We try to be an accurate conduit of lessons and insights gleaned from our grassroots partners and seek to bring attention to critical opportunities, issues and ideas. Relative to the struggle for social justice, foundations have more to offer than a grant check, and grassroots groups have more to offer than campaign victories. It’s only through working together strategically and with an enhanced vision of our roles that we can create new opportunities to advance social justice overall.

Please visit our Grassroots Partner Profiles to learn more about the amazing groups that we support and explore our Victories page to see what our grassroots partners and their allies have achieved. Also, visit our Leveraging page to find out more about our work with our Funder Partners.