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The Defending the Dream Fund Announces First Round of Grants Aimed at Supporting Grassroots Efforts to Defend the Promise of a Just, Equitable and Generous America

Today the Defending the Dream Fund (DDF) announced its first round of 19 grants to organizations advancing justice.  The total investment of $193,000 seeks to resource the new and urgent work that grassroots organizations are engaging in as vulnerable communities throughout the country face a rollback of civil rights and quality of life and a climate of intensifying hate and discrimination.

The Defending the Dream Fund partnership, made up of the Hill-Snowdon Foundation, General Service Foundation and other partners, came together this spring to support grassroots organizing in under-resourced areas to protect targeted communities, resist the draconian and destructive policies of the Trump era and work towards a hopeful dream of a just, equitable and caring society.

The first request for proposals drew 275 applications and provided a window into the dynamic, multi-constituency and multi-issue organizing happening in the South and other regions that receive less philanthropic support overall.  The DDF grantees are building power in their communities as they defend the rights of immigrants, secure the rights of workers, challenge structural racism and Islamophobia, fight to maintain access to healthcare, protect the rights of LGBTQ people, push back against increased militarization and build infrastructure for civic engagement.

To learn more about the fund and the groups selected, click here.